Stump Grinding

Don't Settle for a Stump in Your Yard

Did you pay a company to remove a tree, but they left behind an annoying stump? If you're tired of having an obstacle on your property, you can count on Hollenbach Timber Harvesting for stump grinding and removal services in Lewisburg, Williamsport, & Montour County, PA. After we're done, our team will use the debris to fill in the hole left behind. Connect with our stump grinding company today.

Say goodbye to that stump

Stumps aren't just an eyesore. They can lead to further issues, so
it's best to remove them before you have more problems. You should call
our stump grinding company to:

  • Make it easier to mow your lawn

  • Prevent insects from building nests in the stump

  • Get more space in your yard for new features

Call us today for a free estimate on stump grinding and removal services.

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